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in 2018, for entirely unexpected reasons, i started painting on a daily basis. initially, the focus was on watercolor illustrations but it wasn't long before i discovered my love for experimenting and trying new things.


as cheesy as it may sound, art has become my life coach. it teaches me to explore and to find solutions, to experience and accept joy and frustration, to see and to express, to persevere.

i like to think of my work as a whole, a story emerging from all the individual paintings and drawings - my personal storybook.

scrolling through everything might be visually overwhelming at first, but like a childhood picture book, this is about exploring and discovering, going back and forth, pondering, getting caught up in the story.

maybe you can relate to this story (or parts of it), maybe it feels alien to you. either way it is my hope that it might serve as a reminder of your own story (or stories) and the human experience we are all living.

i live in southern austria with my husband, our 3 children, 2 cats and a brain that has decided that the production of certain neurotransmitters is really overrated.

i collect mugs. i like going for a walk. i take lots of pictures. i love a good conversation.

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